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Next Stated Meeting - Monday, April 8th


  Dinner 5:45 PM – Meeting @ 6:30 PM


Greetings Brethren,

      Suddenly it’s spring!  (We hope)!  We find ourselves remarking how nice it is and how much we appreciate the fact it appears winter is finally gone.  Maybe this is the way a bear feels when coming out of hibernation? Besides getting a sense of self-invigoration, how many of us have taken time to check on our Brother Masons – especially some of the older ones?  How about your neighbors?

     Maybe we each should take a few minutes and check to see that they, too, have “wintered over” okay.  Hopefully not sitting in the doldrums, quietly putting up with some unknown situation that a friendly voice, a smile, a warm handshake or hug can change in an instant.

     I suggest that each of us has someone he has not spoken to or check on within the last month.  Why not give them a call (better yet, stop by for a quick visit), check to say “Hi”, make sure they are healthy and have “wintered over” okay.  Please take five minutes out of your evening (or day) and call a Brother, friend or neighbor.  They will no doubt be pleased to know that you, too are fine.  You will be surprised how it will impact them to know that someone cares.  Not only that, it will give you a lift, too!

     We have a very busy schedule ahead of us.  Grand Lodge is just around the corner.  I encourage any of you who can to attend if possible.  Our great fraternity is showing new signs of life.  Your active participation at every level, where and when you can, will make you a better person and your being there will make us all better Masons and citizens.  

      (Please don’t forget to call or email your dinner reservations to Worshipful Brother Roger Nelson by 5pm, Thursday, April 4th, at or 509-869-7803. 


Curly Werner

 Worshipful Master



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