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Next Stated Meeting - Monday, December 10th

  Dinner 6:00 PM – Meeting @ 7:30 PM


Greetings Brethren,

   Wow!  What a way to start a party!!  As many of you discovered at our November Stated Meeting, your WM wasn’t there!  (His first meeting as Master, a ‘No Show’, no less!)  Multiple health issues ganged up on me.  Things are getting better and hopefully I will be able to properly fulfill my duties from here on. It was noted that “the system” worked as designed, with SW Jeff and JW Matt each stepping up one station and VW Ryan sitting in as JW pro-tem.  Thank you all for doing a good job.

   Just so you’ll know, your officers have as a goal to make our Stated Meetings more interesting and meaningful.  We hope to break the mold somewhat and not be, “We met, we opened, we read the minutes, paid the bills, we closed and we went home.”  To this end we are meeting at noon on the Friday before each Stated Meeting; the purpose is to set the meeting program, decide what really needs to be brought before the membership and then do so in a more concise and meaningful way.  This will hopefully leave more time to incorporate more Masonic programs, thus sparking more interest and participation for all.

  Certainly we are not going to do away with any of the ritual or landmarks that are the backbone and hallmarks of fraternity.  We hope to spark more interest, enthusiasm and meaning in “Being a Mason” and going to Lodge.      Contact a Brother Mason, member of Manito or not, and bring him with you to see how we are doing.

     Please do not forget to call or email your dinner reservations to Worshipful Brother Roger Nelson by 5pm, Thursday, December 6th. His email and phone number are: 509-869-7803. 


Curly Werner

 Worshipful Master

  December 27th – “Saint John the Evanegelist Day”

December 27th is the 2nd feast day in the year to celebrate the Holy Saints John. The placement of the holiday also marks the Winter solstice, which is directly opposite Saint John the Baptist’s day at the Summer solstice in June, marking completion of the solar year.

But why John the Evangelist, and what about him represents the counter balance of John the Baptist, the opposite pillar of the point within the circle? (For those who forget, the point within the circle is the Masonic symbol that all men are said to endeavor to emulate in their physical and spiritual being. It essentially is the balancing ones desires and passions in the pursuit of knowledge.) 

Saint John the Baptist, represented as the inverted pyramid, the Alchemical sign for water, representing the spiritual and emotional love. St. John the Evangelist, represented as the pyramid pointing up symbolizing fire that is the drive and will of action. When placed together, they symbolize the perfect balance of darkness and light, life and death, passion and constraint, will and emotion, winter and summer. Together both represent the interlocked star of Solomon, or the Square and Compass.

So who was John the Evangelist? Known for several things, he was most notably as the only disciple of Christ to not to forsake the him in the hour of His Passion at the foot of the cross and he was the first to reach the tomb; when he met the risen Lord at the lake of Tiberius, where he was the first to recognize Him. Also, he is also attributed as the writer of the Epistles of John, and the book of Revelation.  The Evangelist is also called the Apostle of Charity, which may be in part, his connection to Freemasonry.

The feast is little remembered today, except in passing by a few lodges that gather together to celebrate it. It was once a high feast day for Freemasonry because of its proximity to the holidays and the presence of lodge members being close to home. It gave them a festival to meet under to punctuate the closing of the year. So the days following Christmas, pause for a moment to reflect and remember the feast day of Saint John the Evangelist, that pillar on the opposite side of John the Baptist balancing that circumscribed point within a circle.

Excerpts from the “Masonic Traveler Blog”







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