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Next Stated Meeting - Monday, September 9th


  Dinner 5:45 PM – Meeting @ 6:30 PM


Greetings Brethren,

      WOW!  Summer is almost gone!  I swear this has been the fastest 8 months of my life, and there remains so much more to be done. 

      Some good news is that our Brother Jesse Sorenson, who volunteered to lead Manito’s Outreach Committee, has the ball rolling.  The committee’s continuing mission will be to periodically reach out to each member and widow to keep us all in good stead.  If he or one of his team hasn’t contacted you yet, expect a call soon.  If you know of anyone that the team may have missed, please let us know.

      Time marches on and already it is time to elect officers for the coming Masonic year.  ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD AT OUR NEXT STATED MEETING, MONDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER.  The potential slate of officers waiting in the wings to carry Manito forward is ready for your endorsement.  Please make it a point to attend this meeting.  Your support is very necessary.

      Hopefully many of you have seen or heard the improved and well-done promotions program and information about Masonry put out by our Grand Lodge’s Public Relations Committee.  These announcements have generated a lot of renewed interest in what “we” are all about.  Now is a good time to ask friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives if they have seen nay of this information, starting the conversation that just might spark that interest needed to help identify a potential new member.

      By-the-way, do YOU have Masonic license plates on your car, truck or motorcycle?  What better way to promote our cause?  This also contributes a small amount of financial support to Scottish Rite’s Speech & Language Clinic.  Ask any of your officers how to go about getting one.

 See you in Lodge,

 Curly Werner

 Worshipful Master



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