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  Dinner 5:45 PM – Meeting @ 6:30 PM


Greetings Brethren,

        Time flies much faster than we realize.  Case in point: things too often get put off until it is too late.  Things we know we need to do but it is too easy to say, “Tomorrow”.  Events of the past week have given me pause to reflect on some things we all need to do, and all too often put off.  We need to be sure our families and survivors know, upon our passing into the Celestial Lodge, what our wishes are regarding burial, services and disposition of property – including Masonic related issues and items.  Do your survivors know about your apron?  What about that 14th degree ring?  What do to about uniforms and costumes, special or distinctive clothing, ritual books and the like? 

     Turns out none of us are invincible and quite often things happen on an un-planned schedule, so a word or two of advice: Make it easier on your survivors by taking away the need for them to deal unexpectedly and unprepared with the added stress of trying to do the right thing with your life time of accumulated “things Masonic”. 

     A simple letter or list in plain English attached, filed or stored with your will can readily provide the information as to what is desired as well as what is appropriate and necessary during a time when they are already faced with matters causing concern, worry and sorrow.  

     A simple entry of who to contact to help them properly dispose of Masonic items they do not want to keep within the family will be of great value to them and our fraternity.  This will also ensure that Masonic items don’t inadvertently end up in the trash or are inappropriately displayed in public. 

     Now is the time to think of your loved ones, as well as our Fraternity, by doing this simple task of informing those you care about as to your desires to do the proper thing, Masonically.

      (Please don’t forget to call or email your dinner reservations to Worshipful Brother Roger Nelson by 5pm, Thursday, June 6th, at or 509-869-7803.)

See you in Lodge,

Curly Werner

 Worshipful Master



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Social Media Guidelines – from the Grand Lodge of Washington

The Grand Lodge of Washington recognizes that the use of social media has grown exponentially in recent years and has a goal of supporting the appropriate, regular and extensive use of these communication media. Many Brethren regularly connect by social media platforms. Remember members of the general public as well as the Masonic Fraternity are reading your posts online. As Masons, we must be mindful that our individual postings not only reflect our own individual character but reflect on Freemasonry across the Grand Jurisdiction, our nation, and the world at large.  We must be aware that our postings are a permanent record; therefore, our conduct with a positive or negative post may influence the world opinion about not only the author, but the organizations to which he belongs. 

For example, posting a comment related to the Fraternity and then later posting a separate, disparaging comment about a social or political stance can easily be misconstrued by readers that your stance is representative of Masonry and all Masons.

Ultimately, because you are a Mason, your actions online should promote the highest standards of civility, morality and integrity. A Mason is always a Mason and should always conduct himself as a Mason in all of his interactions regardless of whether those interactions are in person, or through social media.  This includes compliance with the Washington Masonic Code and all of your obligations.

Social Media Guidelines:

1.      A Mason:

Should conduct himself with the same courtesy on social media as he would in front of the general public;

Should never use disparaging comments, obscene, vulgar, etc. when posting; including, but not limited to, graphics, photographs, video and audio recordings which may be referred to in your posts;

Must never post “ritual” or “tyled” information;

Should not use social media to obtain personal advantage in promoting political, religious or business activities by targeting other Masons; and

Should not use social media to contact other Grand Jurisdictions unless you are also a member of that Grand Jurisdiction. Remember, all inter-jurisdictional communication is to be conducted by and between Grand Secretaries.

2.      Masonic pages are to be supportive of the organization and its members, promote upcoming events, discuss past

events, video sharing and discussion of times of fellowship and promotion of Masonic bodies.

3.      A Lodge maintaining a social media page or platform should always ensure a minimum of two (2) officers have

all necessary usernames and passwords and are established “administrators” of said page or platform.

4.      The Washington Masonic Code prohibits certain actions including:

         Discussion or other sharing of information regarding an application, background or investigation of an

applicant for the Degrees of Masonry or

·        Disclosure of how a Brother balloted on a candidate.

 5.      Brother-to-Brother intervention should be the first course of action if something improper has been posted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Grand Secretary, at (253) 272-3263 or at