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Next Stated Meeting - Monday, October 14th

  Dinner 5:45 PM – Meeting @ 6:30 PM


Greetings Brethren,

      Elections for next year’s officers were held at our last Stated Meeting and no surprises with Senior Warden, Junior Warden and Senior Deacon all advancing in the line.  It is a great slate with very capable individuals stepping forward to continue the leadership of Manito.  We are getting some younger and more energetic leaders to keep us all on top of our game.  Manito will be able to continue to set the example of how lodges should function.

     Jesse Sorenson, as chairman of our “Outreach Committee for Widows & Absent Brothers” is in need of a couple of volunteers to assist in updating information on all of our members – current and past, as well as our widows who played an important part in our members lives.  As soon as this can be done we will then be able to establish a more meaningful program of routine contact, on a regular basis, via phone calls and visits.  Unfortunately, more than a few have been or are being over-looked.  Our new Master-to-be assures me this program will be a high priority for his team.  If any of you know of someone we may have by-passed, let Jesse know.  Please also let him know if you can help on the committee.

     Degree work continues to be a strong part of Manito Lodge.  Our teams do a good job for us and new cast members are being sought.  Old time members are encouraged to come and add their “aura” to the ceremonies.  You newer members particularly have a lot to add to the value of it all.  “Sideliners” make it all the more eventful for a new Mason.  Please join us in the making of a Mason – truly the event of a lifetime.

     This will probably be the last time I will be writing anything for Maniot’s “Trestleboard”.  It is difficult to truly express the proper words in saying I will soon be replaced as Master of this Lodge.  I can say I am proud to be a member of Manito – participation has been easy and fulfilling.  The attendance and member involvement at our regular meetings run well ahead of most all others around Spokane.  I have visited most other Lodges fairly often and can tell you it doesn’t require an event to get you to participate in our activities.  This is one of the reasons I joined Manito a couple of years ago.

     Thank you one and all for the privilege of serving as Master of Manito this year!

 See you in Lodge,

 Curly Werner

 Worshipful Master



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